Andy Hiked 2600 miles & took a selfie every single mile


It took Andy over three weeks and 200 hours of organizing and editing to create the video. The first week sorting through the images, journals and maps, to ensure the integrity of the mileage and location of each image. Then another two weeks of cropping and color balancing each image so that they aligned as best as possible. 

Andy said, "Needless to say, this was an incredibly tedious process".

Why did you do the hike Andy?

"Simply put, I did the hike for the challenge, and this was the hardest simple thing I could think of. In life I get rewarded for finding short cuts to things, being creative in the face of a challenge, problem solving, etc. But there's a lot of things I want to achieve in life, and as I've grown older I have begun to worry that they may not happen. So I wanted to test my limitations, fears and commitment by doing something that had no short cuts. You either hike every foot of the trail (from Mexico to Canada) or you don't."

Andy completed the challenge in two phases.  The first 90% and 2424 miles, was completed in 2013, before an early season snow-storm dumped six feet of snow on the trail north of Snoqualmie Pass, WA making it impassable.  Andy completed the last 260 miles in 2014, all in all, it took over 5 months and Andy lost 23 kgs (50 lbs).

Where and what is the Pacific Crest Trail?

The Pacific Crest Trail travels 2660 miles through the mountains of California, Oregon and Washington, starting at the Mexico border fence near the small town of Campo, CA, and finishing just across the Canadian border in Manning Park, British Columbia.

You can learn more about Andy and his other projects over on his website: