Sophie’s Game-Changing ‘Science’ Behind Her Styling.


Does hiring a stylist actually help or are they just like all the lipstick ads: playing on your suspicions that you’re not actually good enough as you are? Sophie Thorpe’s worked in fashion for over 15 years and - inspired by her own personal journey - she wants to change the whole way that women are treated & tell them that they’re fab enough already.

Having suffered physical trauma early on in life Sophie (working in the fashion industry from her early 20s) found herself embarking on a bit of an awakening. Having previously denied her lack of self worth, she focused instead on external controls (weight, cosmetic surgery) and just like her future clients (although she didn’t know this at the time) she would find excuses to avoid social occasions because she felt too self conscious and lacked self confidence. It took a long time for Sophie to recognise her negative behaviour but once she did a new Sophie was born and the more she focused on her own positive reconditioning - changing her sub conscious beliefs and behavioural patterns - the more liberated and successful she became. This background is what enabled Sophie to be able to recognise similar behaviour in others and help them to love themselves too, above all else.

By this time, Sophie had worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years: both in retail and styling clients... She found there was always the same issue: her clients would never believe that they could really be beautiful. Sophie (of course, with her unique experiences) noticed this repeated trend: no matter how gorgeous they looked, they would find something wrong with themselves. Body shape or demographic made no difference.

No matter her encouragement her clients were hampered by limited beliefs. 

Sophie had already realised that hiring a stylist was an expensive luxury - and a lot of women think that they want that kind of service but can’t afford it - so Sophie had already swapped from styling, to training women online instead, teaching women how to style themselves and taking them on group shopping trips. Shockingly - after investing huge time and effort into their own ‘new look’ - 95% of clients would sometimes never even wear the clothes they’d just bought, however much they’d loved them and however wonderful they’d felt at the time of purchase. They already believed themselves to be so unworthy of feeling truly beautiful that the motivation to step out in their new outfits deserted them within a few days.

Sophie decided that enough was enough. She overhauled all of her online courses, deciding instead to ‘shine the light on the Neuroscience and social conditioning behind poor self-image, and provide guidance and
solutions to break out of the cycle of negative body image beliefs, feelings and thoughts.’

Only after her clients have learnt one absolute truth - that they are already stunning and they are already worthy of feeling beautiful - will Sophie style their new wardrobe. Any outfits they put on after that, they can wear with confidence and pleasure. 

"I’d even be thrilled if a client felt so much better after working with me that she decided she didn’t even need a new wardrobe!" 


Could this be just another fad? No. The fashion/beauty industry at the moment doesn’t actually help women, it IS the fad. You’re tempted into the shops to get you to buy the latest ‘fads’ that don’t ever make you feel more worthy/worthwhile. Truly, the fashion & beauty industry predominantly makes money from making you feel LESS than special. 

There is nothing more important than your subconscious conditioning. It is the seed from which your reality is manifested. Nothing is more important than your self belief.

The quality of your relationship with yourself is paramount. It reflects in the choice of clothes you buy, how you love yourself and what you see in the mirror and it ripples out to determine every other relationship in your
life. It influences how much money you could make, how well you expect to be treated, how much you enjoy your everyday life.

We all know the difference between someone who is ‘faking it to make it’ and those who live authentically with self love. It is hard to trust those who are putting on an act (however well intentioned) but those who live true to their own positive self belief effortlessly attract those who value them. This is not only empowering: it is every woman’s right to feel this way.

The way women feel about themselves in general, as conditioned by mass advertising is destructive and needs addressing. Sophie is doing that. 

If you’d like to see exactly how Sophie operates, please see here:

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