odern urban architects are really starting to understand we must change the designs of our towns and cities to improve human wellbeing, and Eindhoven in the Netherlands is a perfect example with their latest design, a floating cycling roundabout called the Hovenring and it's beautiful.

At 70 meters (230Ft) tall, it can be seen for miles floating over a new road seperating motorized and human powered traffic.At night the bike ring is lit up and as you can see above, it really enhances the floating design.

The reason the original roundabout was replaced, while both cyclist and motorist were serperated by marked lanes, dangerous situations still occurred at junction points of human and motorised traffic, the only way of resolving the situation is seperation.

We have escalating health costs globally and in 2030 it has been estimated that over 1billion people will be inactive, we must invest in proactive infrastrcture measures that add value to our lives and improve our long term health for today and the future generations. The Hovenring and an almost identical design in Stavanger, Norway are perfect examples of how we achieve that.

Apr 16, 2016

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