eri-Anne Payne creates a series of video's designed to help you get the most out of your open water swimming events by sharing some great tips for first timers while also describing her own top tips.

The first video is a great tip for first timers and swimmers who are inexperienced with the cold conditions and ferocity of a mass swim start or even for people who are just experienceing a little anxiety about an upcoming open water event.

Video two focuses on how to overcome the cold conditions faced by open water swimmers, offering some great tips on how to be as comfortable and ready for the starting horn as possible.

Finally, Keri-Anne shares her top tips for first time open water swimmers, be you a complete novice or a slightly more experienced open water swimmer the mantra of a double world champion and Olympic silver medalist could ensure your open water swimming experiences are as enjoyable as possible.

Good luck to anybody heading into their first open water swim, hopefully the advice given will help you to having a fantastic experience!


Apr 17, 2016

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