ky have been integral to the cycling revolution in the UK, with Team Sky rider Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome's success at the Tour de France and Team GB's superb performance in the Velodrome and on the road at the Olympics people are chewing at the bit to get on their bikes and join in. As part of Sky's commitment to cycling they have created a national campaign designed purely for those of you who have been inspired by the Games to get on your bikes and experience your own adventures wherever you are and whatever your ability.

Sky ride is providing people with the opportunity to cycle with other experienced cyclists in towns and cities all over the country for a range of different abilities and ages, whether you be an easy rider looking for a leisurely paced ride or a strong cyclist looking for a challenge there will be a ride for you. For more information and to a find a ride near you use this link to get involved.

For some, you may be inspired but are currently without a bike. Well if that is you then below are a list of available options to you that may be very helpful if saving you some cash and helping you get on your way to becoming a Sky Rider:

Second Hand: Bikes are expensive, fortunately eBay has tons people upgrading their starter bikes and selling their originals. If you really want to get a cheap but quality bike then this could be the route for you, just be careful to ensure that the condition of what you buy is good as you can get stung.

Cycle to Work: There are a few variations to this particular scheme but the gist is that a company can sign up to the initiative and employee's can access the bikes and equipment without paying tax on them. There are subtle nuances to the initiatives and so you would need to consult whoever set up the initiative for the organisation. The company will generally buy the bike outright with you paying for it monthly out of your wage packet, after 12 months you buy the bike for a 'reasonable market' price which has often been a £1 fee but again be careful not to get stung.

End of Season Sales: Bike retailers, both online and store based, will usually sell bikes cheaper at the end of the season before the new line of bikes are released. The end of season sales usually occur late August and September so look at these times for some great deals. Big retailers include Evans Cycles and Wiggle.

Hopefully by making use of the above opportunities you will be well equipped and your way to becoming an established cyclist.

Apr 15, 2016

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