or sports specific warmups, we look to breakdown techniques used in a particular sport. By practising a specific part of a technique, we can develop and improve it for enhanced performance when reintroduced into the full technique needed in the sport.  

By now you should have finished your general warm up, dynamic stretching and your plyometrics before we move onto this section.

A running specific warmup will focus on 2 key parts/elements of stronger, more powerful and efficient run: the arm drive and leg cycle. Thinking of the body as a chain of body parts all linked together that all combine and work together to help you run.

If there is a weakness somewhere, then the rest of the chain has to compensate (which can lead to injury) to continue your run. So if we address the weaknesses then the chain should perform much better as a whole.

Once you have completed your warm up you will be well and truly ready for your run. You will have prepared your body so that those first few miles are no more difficult than they need to be and should help you secure a great time.





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Michael Phan is a personal trainer and athlete.  He loves people looking and feeling great by helping them with Fat Loss & Running.  A prolific motivator both on and offline, he founded Michael Phan Bespoke Personal Training and is creator of great inspirational past and present twitter challenges such as #Pressupathon &  #MileChallenge http://ow.ly/2aU8lv, Michael is a keen marathon runner and triathlete.

Michael leads by example and keeps up to date with cutting edge training techniques.  Coupled with his own experience, he is then able to hone each individual client's programme to their specific Fat Loss or Running goals.

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May 16, 2016

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