new World Record for distance relay running set off on May 4th 2012 with over 300 runners around the UK running continuously for 18 days, covering 2680 miles and breaking the previous record by a massive 757miles.

RelayGB was the brain child of serial challenger and charity fundraiser John Stanford, who not content with running marathons and completing a cycling relay from John O’Groats to Lands End (Jogle), needed something bigger and more challenging in order to raise badly needed funds for Brain Tumour UK after his great friend David Fryer was affected by the condition.

Jon Lawrence, ran many times during the challenge and was an integral link between the team and the social network, said,

"It was exciting to even be considering for a world record attempt and be part of a special team doing this. I hope as part of doing this we create an active and friendly running community. I am proud to be associated with this and cant wait to see confirmation of when we are all world record breakers."

The project, not surprisingly, proved to be a logistical nightmare and within days of the challenge starting, Cornwall had to be removed due to lack of local runners, the original support team dropped out and the start and finish has to be moved due to the Chelsea flower show.

But nothing was going to stop this determined bunch, rallying through friends, family and the running community on social networks especially twitter, helped to get the challenge back on track.

Runners from all corners of the UK and varying abilities joined in the challenge running varying distances from 10km  to marathons, but due to some of the worst weather conditions the UK has seen in decades often preventing some runners arriving at predetermined points forcing the support team to fill in, many members have ran over 100 miles during the challenge with additional runners being drafted in from all over the country to ensure the challenge didn‚Äôt fail.

The 18 day challenge started on the 4th of May and finished Monday 21st May at 14:00 in Wandsworth Park South West, London.

Martin Hookway, was one of the last minute members of the support team taking 18 days off running his business while "The WIFE" fully supported him and ran the business in his absence.  Martin ran over 125 miles during the challenge, only running his first full marathon during my Take a Challenge leg of the event summed up the whole project.

"if it wasn't for Take a Challenge, I wouldn't be here, this isn't just a challenge, its an adventure".

I think we can all agree with Martin on that one and congratulate all the those who were involved runners and supporters alike, well and truely a large pat on the back.

This ‚Äėonce in a lifetime‚Äô challenge hopes to raise over ¬£250,000

Brain Tumour UK:        

Brain Tumour UK is the leading, caring charity committed to fighting brain tumours by providing support, funding  research and raising awareness.    They have an extensive website full of useful information for patients and carers. They provide personalised support through a helpline and telephone chat groups, by email, through on-line forums and their busy social networks on Facebook and Twitter, and through a growing number of support groups throughout the UK.

With the support of donors and fundraisers, Brain Tumour UK funds world-class scientific research to improve the quality of life for brain tumour patients, identify better treatments and, ultimately, defeat the disease.

They work closely with patients, their families, healthcare professionals, scientists and related organisations to raise awareness amongst key decision-makers, service providers and the wider public to change things for the better for everyone affected by a brain tumour.

Check out Brain Tumour UK's article for the event in their latest Target magazine online here.


Apr 16, 2016

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