had heard a lot about the StrongManRun, so when I was given the opportunity to join TeamGB in Germany I just couldnt say no, not that I had a lot of choice with our Team Captain (Stuart Amory) Ex Royal Air Force Physical training instructor breathing down my neck to join his motley crew of rather nippy personal trainers.

And what a bunch they are, I'd highly recommend checking out their blogs and follow via twitter accounts, some great insights from all, I learned a lot over the weekend.

Meet some of Strongman Run Team GB

Stuart Amory             aka   In-Kilter Fitness

Christopher Brisley   aka  TakeaChallenge

Lee Chamberlain       aka  UltraRunLee

Steve Keywood          aka   SteveKeywoodPT

Luke Knapp                 aka   Switch on Fitness

Dan Cartwright          aka   The Running Man

Chris Mercer              aka   As himself

The Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run met the "Green Hell" (N√ľrburgring ring race track) legend for the second time. On 05th May 2012, more than 12,000 runners lined up at the starting line on what turned out for me to be 4 hours of a gruelling race tackinlg various obstacles over 14 miles, made more "FUN" because you do it twice!

The weather was a pleasant freezing, with a combination of thick fog and pouring rain just to add to the crazyness and create even more mud than I've seen since I was in the armed forces.

But it didn't stop me filming the event with handy cam (I wasnt actually given a choice)... check out the video, its brilliant which clearly means it wasnt cut together by me, but our very own miss digital, Stephanie.



What was in store for Team GB

The obstacles were extremley tough, and so will the regular sections of the course with their tricky ascents and descents, their ice cold water holes and green-brown forest and meadow tracks. The heart of the Eifel region delivered everything you would expect from the worlds longest obstacle course, mud, mud and more MUD!

Obstacles ranged from special rollocoster rides over three consecutive water basins to overcoming barriers of straw, to making your way through a section of dangling threads which are loaded with 12 volt power, electrifying!

Click here to check out the insane obstacle guide & route map, could you do it?

15 obstacles starting with a special roller-coaster ride over three consecutive water basins, between 0.5 and 1 meter in depth. The last obstacle is made of piled car tires with a ‚Äúsmall‚ÄĚ additional barrier: A pyramid of oversea containers will decorate the paddock ‚Äď ascension is via net, descension via bales of straw.

Seafarers UK

Seafarers UK is the leading charity for seafarers in need. For 95 years we have been providing support to men and women from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets, and their dependants.

We help seafarers and their families to cope with the many problems they face, from homelessness, poverty and debt, to bereavement and serious injury. We support seafarers of all ages, from the youngest maritime trainee to veterans of the Second World War and other conflicts.

Every year we give grants totalling £2.5million to more than 75 charities and other organisations. Thanks to your donations, Seafarers UK can do even more to help UK and Commonwealth seafarers in greatest need of support.

Apr 16, 2016

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