arefoot Running has become a worldwide concept that has swept into the sports trainers market over the last few years and continues to grow even now. With a market that is already flooded with a huge variety of shoes that account for different foot types and different styles of running it is definitely forgivable should people feel a little perplexed as to what shoe is right for them. Read this article if you need a little clarity on choosing an 'oldschool' style shoe that accounts for your heel strike running or read on to grasp the fundamentals of the newer, seemingly less strenuous, barefoot running style and what shoe's you will need.

Barefoot running is for everyone, if you are new to running then don't discredit yourselves as you may actually be at an advantage in learning good running technique from an early standpoint! Read our infographic for the essentials (including the elusive 'drop' information that is often not mentioned) that will help you get started and make an informed choice between traditional, minimalist or barefoot shoes.


Barefoot Running has been championed by many people in recent times but there are a few legends who it would be good to mention and to check out.

Caballo Blanco - The main character in the book 'Born to Run', lived in Northern Mexico with Tarahhumara Indians as a Bareboot Wildman until he died in March 2012.

Ken Bob - Barefoot Fanatic who ran barefoot for over 50 years and founded the Running Barefoot website.

Jason Robillard - Author of the Barefoot Running Book and barefootrunninguniversity.com

Chris McDougall - Author of the book Born to Run and arguably the man who made barefoot running mainstream.

Prof. Daniel Lieberman - Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard. He is the academic heavyweight behind the science of barefoot.

Roy M. Wallack - Journalist for L.A. Times who is fitness collumnist and author of Run for Life and Be a Better Runner.

Barefoot running is, unfortunately, not necesarily our natural way of running anymore and so anybody who is looking to adopt a more natural running style should do so with due care and responsibly. Good luck with finding the running style that suits you best and the trainers (or lack of trainers for those like Ken Bob) that will keep you running for a long time to come, whichever style you adopt.

Apr 15, 2016

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