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Our sphere of interest at Take a Challenge, as the name suggests, are the challenges we face in our lives and learning from them. We love inspiring stories and advice pieces (including videos) with actionable points, with a specific interest in endurance, outdoor and health and fitness challenges, and any related sporting travel, events, news & equipment reviews, as well as looking after our little blue planet.

We're looking to help people set their goals and achieve them, to get through times of adversity and share their knowledge with others, to that end, we like an informative, educational, always inclusive, accessible, but inspiring, and generally positive tone.

The goal is to inspire and motivate our readers to learn and grow.

    Do's and Dont's


    • Be original: Posts that are unique and original to Take a Challenge, will be given priority over any content published or submitted elsewhere online, this includes your own blog, repeated content does not rank well on search engines, but that does not mean it won't be accepted.
    • Ideally include high quality sharp photos, ideally, high resolution large sized JPG's 1500px in width and 500px in height, with a minimum of of 650px in width and 450px in height and you must own the rights to publish them.
    • Write in your own voice: Be authentic, how would you write or explain your story or idea to a good friend? 
    • Come up with a great title that grabs attention and makes them want to read your piece or watch your video.
    • Ask yourself, what problem does my article solve? How will reading this make someone’s life better?
    • Write a tight opening: Does the first sentence make the reader want to continue?
    • Does your first paragraph tell the reader clearly and succinctly what the article will be about?
    • Provide simple actionable points that the reader can implement on completion of the article.
    • Source all claims: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, include a link to that source. We prefer links to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. 


    • We can’t use posts that are not provided about you, or your ideas, unless you have express permission from third parties to do so and we will require that in writing.
    • You cannot plug a product, service, company, event or brand name without our permission.
    • We are unable to accept submissions or bio references that promote a business or service not in line with our philosophy 
    • Hyperlink: Please don’t hyperlink. Put relevant links in brackets: [http://facebook.com/takeachallenge].

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